This might be one of the saddest posts I’ve ever had to write. I’m honestly at a loss of what to say, a fairly rare occurrence as those who know me personally will testify to. I can’t really contribute anything more to the conversation, but I need to write it out to process it. So here we go.

Today we lost an icon, a legend, a beautiful man and a part of many people’s childhoods. Today we said goodbye to Alan Rickman.

My brother told me the news a couple of hours ago and once the initial “It’s a hoax, Facebook’s lying, it’s not true unless you have other sources” wore off the sobbing began.

alan rickman

This man was such a figurehead of my childhood, from Love Actually to Galaxy Quest to his portrayal of Severus Snape. He was an exceptional actor. He took dramatic pauses to a level never before explored by human beings. His deadpan sarcasm was everything I aspired to achieve as a child. And damn, what a powerful voice. I never even considered the fact he wasn’t invincible.

It seems odd to intensely mourn the death of a man I never even met. It just seems too much to lose him after the death of David Bowie earlier in the week and the horrible attacks in Jakarta today as well.

I don’t know what I can really say other than he was a phenomenal part of my childhood and I’ll miss his presence in this world sorely.

Goodbye Alan Rickman, and thank you. We’ll remember you, always.



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