Hello…. it’s me!

Hello from the other side!

And by the other side, I mean the other side of my computer screen where I am on my bed doing the typing thing and wondering whether I will ever get Adele out of my head (not that I’m really trying too hard to make that a reality).

If you’ve somehow found your way over to my spanking new blog, then I assume you know who I am. What a narcissistic assumption. What if you’ve ended up here after spiralling through the rabbit hole at 4am and you have no idea who I am or how you got here?

Well, my poor sleep-deprived friend, allow me to introduce myself.

IMG_9217 copy

Don’t let the crazy eyes scare you off…

Hey, I’m Gillian, whaddup?

I’m an Australian Mass Communications student specialising in Web Media and Corporate Screen Production (ooh fancy!) Probably more relevantly, I am styling myself as a vlogger over on the YouTubes.

As much as I love, adore and worship YouTube, there is only so much you can say in a five minute video. This is deeply problematic since the prevailing opinion is that a chatterbox demon resides deep within my soul.

I also love writing and I feel like I don’t get much of a chance to do that outside of writing 2000 word academic essays, which surprisingly isn’t the best creative outlet.

Enter blog!

I don’t expect this will be a particularly cohesive blog. Like my YouTube channel, I will be jumping between whatever topics I feel like discussing at each particular moment whether that’s expanding on my videos, writing book reviews, talking about Internet culture or feminism, fangirling over TV shows; whatever!

If that sounds cool to you, then that’s super cool and if not, the chatterbox demon will find you and TALK YOUR EAR OFF!!

little-miss-chatterbox demon

I used to study illustration, can you tell?

Nah man, it’s chill. You do you.

I’ll stick a couple of my YouTube videos down below so you can check them out and see what I’m all about.

Until next time mes frères!

~ Gillian


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