Decreasing World Suck

Howdy all!

I don’t know why I just went all fictional Texan cowboy on you all, but it happened. I acknowledge it. Now we can move on with our lives.

As some of you guys on the Internet may be aware, this weekend is the Project for Awesome! WOO!


Nerdfighters, unite!

The Project for Awesome is essentially a not-so-hostile YouTube takeover started by the Vlogbrothers back in 2007. The idea was to unite the YouTube community to spam the website with hundreds of videos promoting different charities. Continue reading


Hello…. it’s me!

Hello from the other side!

And by the other side, I mean the other side of my computer screen where I am on my bed doing the typing thing and wondering whether I will ever get Adele out of my head (not that I’m really trying too hard to make that a reality).

If you’ve somehow found your way over to my spanking new blog, then I assume you know who I am. What a narcissistic assumption. What if you’ve ended up here after spiralling through the rabbit hole at 4am and you have no idea who I am or how you got here?

Well, my poor sleep-deprived friend, allow me to introduce myself. Continue reading